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Cannon Falls, MN

Cannon Falls is a city located in the U.S. state of Minnesota. It situated in Goodhue County. The population of Cannon Falls is only about 4,100 residents. It is positioned along U.S. Route 52 and is located to the southeast of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area. The Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro area is the 16th biggest metro area by population in the United States of America and contains approximately 3.5 millions people.

Cannon Falls is a small town with some interesting history. The first person to settle Cannon Falls was Edway Stoughton. However, the area was officially settled by Charles Parks in July 1854. The village itself dates back many years and was incorporated in 1857. Cannon Falls was not incorporated into a city until 1905. The city of Cannon Falls relied heavily on the water power from both the Little Cannon River as well as the Big Cannon River. These two water sources were large attractions to budding manufacturers of the area. The first manufacturer of the area was R.C. Knox & Co., which was a flour mill in 1957.

One of the most well-known locations in Cannon Falls is the famous Pachyderm Studio. The Pachyderm Studio is a famous recording studio where many well known and popular musicians have recorded their music. One of the most famous artists to record there was Nirvana. Nirvana recorded their best selling album In Utero at Pachyderm.

Cannon Falls, Minnesota has many interesting locations to visit and facts about its history. Among with countless outdoor activities in the area, Cannon Falls has become a popular location for people visiting the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro area. At Heatpro Heating and Air Conditioning, we are happy to continue to be a top HVAC company in Cannon Falls.

Learn About a Recent Cannon Falls Job!

AC Repair For Cannon Falls Resident

At Heatpro Heating and Air Conditioning, we have happily been a top HVAC company in Cannon Falls for almost a decade. We have made it our goal to be the best in heating, ventilating, and cooling and to deliver those services to the residents of Cannon Falls.

We recently received a call requesting air conditioner repair in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. The customer was a long time resident of Cannon Falls, and was having trouble with her air conditioner and was not sure why. She explained to us that it had been making a strange noise over the last couple of days. She didn’t know what the noise was but knew that it needed to be fixed. We told her that we were happy to help her out.

Our team visited the customer’s residence the following day in order to examine the air conditioner. We wanted to determine whether she needed a new air conditioner, or if AC repair would fix the problem.  After locating the unit, we were able to examine it. The unit was relatively new which meant that air conditioner repair would be all she needed. After a thorough evaluation of air conditioning unit, we were able to determine the cause of the noise. The ductwork that was connected to the unit had some cracks in it that needed to be fixed.  There was air that was escaping through these cracks, causing a whistling type sound. We were able to replace the ducting in the problem areas, and the noise stopped.

The client was very happy with our work and that she chose the top HVAC contractor in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. We let her know to give us a call anytime she needed heating, cooling or ventilating help in her home. Our crew left the job happy to have helped out another Cannon Falls resident.