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Hastings, Minnesota

Hastings is a small city located in Minnesota.  A portion of Hastings is within Dakota County, and the other part lies in Washington County. However, Hastings is currently the county seat of Dakota County. The city received its name from the first governor of Minnesota, Henry Hastings Sibley.  The city is situated right near the confluence of three rivers. The St. Croix River, Vermillion River, and Mississippi River all meet near Hastings.

The city of Hastings had a number of advantages that initially drew settlers to the region.  The area that Hastings is located on has three rivers. It is also well drained for agriculture, provides a port for riverboats, and provides hydropower from waterfalls.  The area was first settled by the military. A group of soldiers from Fort Snelling were stationed at Hastings in 1820.

Hastings has a number of interesting locations within the city. One of the most popular outdoor locations is the Vermillion Falls Park. The Vermillion Falls Park contains natural waterfalls that were once used as a source of power. The area is now protected by a nonprofit conservation group called Minnesota Trout Unlimited.

Some of the other sites of interest in Hastings, Minnesota are the East Second Street Commercial Historic District, the Alexis Bailly Vineyard, the Ramsey Mill Ruins, West Second Street REsidential Historic District, the Hastings Sand Coulee Scientific and Natural Area and the Spring Lake Park Reserve.

Heatpro Heating and Air Conditioning is proud to continue delivering the best heating and cooling services to Hastings, Minnesota!

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AC Repair for Local Hastings Resident

At Heatpro Heating and Air Conditioning, we take pride in the fact that we have been serving Hastings, Minnesota for many years. Our team has been a top HVAC company in Hastings for nearly a decade. As a family-owned company and licensed, bonded, and insured HVAC Contractor, we continue to make customer service a top priority. Whether you are looking for a small air conditioner repair or a new furnace installation, we are the company for you.

We received a call recently from a local resident. They were looking for AC repair in Hastings, Minnesota. While Minnesota is known for its cold winters, the summer months can be hot without the proper cooling system. The customer called in looking for air conditioner repair. He explained that his air conditioner was making a hissing noise. He wasn’t sure what the cause was, but he wanted to get it fixed. We assured him that we could help. We scheduled to visit his residence the following Monday.

After arriving at the property, we were greeted by the customer. He showed us where the air conditioner was located. After a thorough evaluation, we determined the cause of the problem. There was a refrigerant leak. This will often cause a hissing sound that will persist until it is fixed.

We were able to quickly and effectively repair the cooling system. The customer was very satisfied with our ability to locate the problem and fix it. He thanked up for our time and for the air conditioner repair.  We told him to give us a call if he had any other heating, cooling, or ventilating needs. As a top HVAC company in Hastings, we are always ready to help out local residents. If you are in need of a trusted HVAC contractor, give us a call today!